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There are so many things to think about when it comes to advertising these days. Many folks just get a little lost. Offline advertising is bad enough with choices to make over which medium to use. Do you go with the expensive choices like film and make a commercial to be seen by millions of viewers who will likely ignore it or do you hire a printer and spend time sending out mailers or placing flyers on doors and car windows in the hope that someone will call you instead of just throwing the flyer out or using it as a piece of scratch paper?

When looking to advertise an online business, that is a whole different ball game. Now you must learn words like social media, SEO, and driving traffic. All of which is a full time business unto itself. The difference between online and offline advertisement is night and day however, offline you can reach thousands of people and perhaps net a few hundred customers but online, well online if you do your marketing right you can reach millions of potential customers world wide.

The question is how? How exactly do you reach so many potential customers with so much competition?

I have 3 words for you, viral video production.

Now before you go off ,think about this, although not an advertisement everybody or at least 118,533,365 people to date have seen the Laughing Baby on YouTube. Those are not bad numbers are they? So, what if that video advertised your web site and ½ of the people clicked through to you? Now what if ½ of them purchased your product? That is somewhere in the nature of 39511,121 new customers!!

This is where I tell you about an innovative young web video production company from over in Edinburg,h Scotland? The Cuillin Collective.

Founded in 2009 by Marc Smith and Ailsa Hutton, The Cuillin Collective is a fast rising star in the web based video production field. With innovative technology coupled with a fresh bold attitude these guys can really get your project off to a running start.

Offering a full range of services including viral video production, web presentations, web videos, CommonCraft style videos, website design and development, graphic design and illustration and audio production The Cuillin Collective is truly a one stop shop for all of your web video production needs.

Today the watchword for marketing on everybody’s lips is viral videos. Get a video to go viral and your website can potentially draw millions of unique clicks in a single day. This is excellent news no matter what you are marketing. Viral video production however can be a difficult task. While it is impossible to accurately predict whether or not a video will go viral The Cuillin Collective works hard to up the ante for you and get the ball rolling.

The Cuillin Collective specializes in the creation of unique comedy web video production. By working closely with clients on all aspects of the viral video production process from story line to finished product we are able to give the client exactly what they need and want in their video while still keeping the real YouTube” look.

The attention span of most people is very short. They do not really have the time or the interest to spend a lot of time reading through ad copy to decide whether or not they wish to try your product or services. With viral video production your company can have a fun and entertaining way to advertise that people will not only want to watch but actively distribute for you.

This newish concept of viral video production is a huge savings in your advertising budget. A video that has gone viral can make it all over the world reaching millions of potential customers in a matter of hours. Even an expensive commercial spot like the super bowl can not do that.

Another advantage to using our viral video production team is that video by its very nature is “green.” There are no printers to hire and no paper or other materials used that will just clog up the landfills.

Viral video production takes full advantage of the power of the internet. Get people talking and it really can be a “shot heard around the world.”

Our commitment to your viral video production does not end once it has gone ”live” however that is when our elite marketing team takes over.

Once your video has gone “live,” we then begin a marketing campaign to give it the best chance of turning truly viral. We start with building your YouTube profile by finding friends and subscribers for you, we start blogs to generate interest, and we create FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media network accounts to promote your website and the video. Soon you will find that viewers will post your video to their sites and social media accounts and viola, a viral video is born.

The services that are offered by the Cuillin Collective does not stop at viral video production however, viral video production is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. You see, The Cuillin Collective offers all forms of web video production plus a few more services including commoncraft style video, web site development and even children‘s book illustration.

Web video production can mean anything from a short commoncraft style video on your site to demonstrate your product or services to a virtual tour of your premises to familiarize clients with where a product or service may be coming from. There really are no limits to what can be done when it comes to web video production.

The best way to generate trust in a product is by face to face sales. The simple fact is most people buy the sales person more then they do the product. Sales are also much more difficult via website as compared to say a brick and mortar store because when people can see, feel and touch a product they are much more likely to purchase it. This is the point where The Cuillin Collective web video production team comes to the rescue.

A video demonstration of your product can do wonders for your sales whether you choose to use our viral video production team to create something similar to the ‘Will it Blend’ series by Blendtech or something more in the line of a commoncraft style video to explain a service you may offer The Cuillin Collective will tailor make web videos to suite your companies needs.

The simple truth is video works. If it didn’t millions of big name companies would not be spending billions of dollars every year to advertise their products on television and other places. While our web video production service will not cost the arm and leg of a spot on national television it will offer you the viewing power of the internet a world wide audience at a small fraction of the cost.

Do you need a way to show your premises to a remote client? Perhaps our web video production team can help with a virtual tour. A virtual tour can show your clients exactly what you need and want them to see, without the expense and time of waiting for the client to find time to come to you.

Would you like a way to introduce your product in such a way that potential clients can see exactly how the product works for their needs? Let our web video production team build you a video that will make the customer come back for more.

Since video can quickly and easily introduce the most intellectually challenged individuals to complex ideas and services in a fun and innovative way it is silly not to take full advantage of it. That is where our commoncraft style videos come into play.

Common Craft style videos are a fun and entertaining way to explain even the most difficult concepts in a way that anyone can understand. These cute cartoons are a format any one can “get.”

Do you need an innovative way to teach and train virtual employees? Common Craft style video may be just what you are looking for. If a picture is worth a thousand words our web video production team can help you to create and implement a Commoncraft style video that will quickly have every employee up to speed in no time.

Do you need to explain a new idea, difficult concept or service to potential clients in a fun and memorable way? A commoncraft style video could be perfect for you. If not perhaps a viral video or other format would be more to your taste. Just ask one of our web video production experts or our viral video production team members and they will be happy to help you make the best choice for all of your needs.

Web video production, commoncraft style video or viral video production whatever your needs, The Cuillin Collective is a young innovative company full of new ideas and technology that can help you to use video to get the job done.

For more information feel free to contact one of our web video specialists.


Great Viral Video Titles

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Hi. Welcome to The Cuillin Collective’s blog about Web Video Production. Today I want to talk a little bit about the all important title of your viral video.
Getting a video to go viral is not as easy as it may seem. There are several factors that must be taken into consideration. I mean really why does one video go viral while so many other worthy shots get left on the shelf so to speak? No one really knows the answer to that although everyone will tell you they do. We have our own theories of course and since this our blog I will voice my opinions at will.
In my opinion the biggest two reasons a video goes viral are….catchy title and thumbnail or poster frame shots. Today we will discuss titles. But don’t worry I know how to get the poster frame shot you want to use used on YouTube and I promise to share. Just not today. So on to the discussion about titles for your viral video production.

Lets face facts here if you video is called “Cat Taking a Nap” no one is going to watch it and you video will not go viral. Ok, well someone might just to see if you were really bored enough to post footage of a cat sleeping but for the most part NOT.

Now on the other hand “Super Hot Sexy Chicks Bare All” can be a video of baby chickens in an incubator and believe me plenty of people would look at it. They may be very disappointed to see chickens but they would look and oddly enough such a thing may even go viral just because they could fool their friends with it. Yo dude you gotta see these hot chicks…..gotcha lol. Surprises is another factor in making your video go viral. We are going to discuss all the elements to viral videos and to all kinds of web videos in articles to come.

Here are a few examples of some really great titles along with a really great thumbnail. No wondering why this video is racking up the views!!

Banned Viral Videos

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Hey it’s me again and today I want to talk to you about banned videos. It seems there is a growing trend to purposely get a video banned to make it go viral. Forbidden fruit is sweeter you know. And the thinking seems to be if the video is banned it must be worth watching because SOMEONE does not want you to see it.

There is a small problem with that though. When making your video remember that BCAP Codes do pertain to the internet. So if your ad really was banned for television for violations of the Broadcast BCAP code chances are that it also violates the Non- Broadcast CAP codes.

Unfortunately the non broadcast CAP code does not just apply to online advertising but also applies to any video that a brand may up load to places like You tube and all other forms of viral advertising. In other words if your ad really is too offensive for television it is you also can not use it on the internet.

The trick is to make the video just offensive enough to claim it was banned without being so offensive that it actually is banned.

The bonus for those of us who enjoy viral videos is that often times the”banned” videos are so much more fun then the boring old mainstream stuff. Take a look at this one for condoms:

Now I do not know the numbers for sales for this company but I would be willing to bet sales did increase for them. Those of us who already have children feel for the poor man and those who do not should (I hope) be sufficiently terrified to wear a condom. Lol

The best part about viral “banned” videos to me is that for the advertising guys the “creative gloves” can come off so to speak and all of those tired boring fields of flowers for douche sales can finally be done away with giving us something entertaining to watch. I do not know about you but to me commercials were time to do other things until the movie came back on or flip through channels. Soon these “banned” viral commercials will help change the way advertizing is done on television and we will finally get to see ad copy we want to watch.

Even Ikea is getting in on it.

I did not say Ikea was great at it but at least they are trying. LOL!! While my opinion is the Ikea ads made little sense product wise I still give kudos for the try.

The “banned” video ads are entertaining and fun and I for one hope to see more of them. The world needs more imagination.


Ken Barlow


Viral Videos – Do they really work?

Posted in Viral Videos on April 7, 2010 by cuillin

I always find that viral videos are a great way to promote a website or product. Look at Cloverfield. This was promoted through viral video.
So, it’s not the most honest way to drive traffic to your site but it works and that’s what matters.

If you can get your potential viral video to engross your audience and for them to embed it onto their blogs or for them to link it onto their Facebook/Twitter pages then your company will have a much greater chance at having traffic pushed towards their website or blog.

This is just how the internet works. I’ve read a lot over the years about cheating to get traffic but this is just the way of the world now. The sooner everybody accepts this the better. Take, for instance, this video

This is a fantastic example of a viral video with no marketing at all(as far as I’m aware). It’s simple, funny and above all attracts attention to your website. Generating traffic is tricky business so why not?. Ok, 34,000 isn’t 1,000,000 views but if even half of these views clicked onto your site that’s an extra 17,000 hits in 9 months. Then, if your website could then persuade at least 2% of your visitors to purchase your product then you would have an extra 340 sales. All this from one viral video on YouTube. Pretty impressive don’t you think?
This video has gone viral because of the content of the video. There isn’t many other places this video is mentioned. So word of mouth, Facebook and Twitter, must be helping this one along 🙂

Using social media as a viral marketing tool is another great way to generate traffic and leads. But I’ll talk about that in next weeks blog.

CommonCraft’s LEELEFEVER says “It’s really interesting to me that, after 3 years of making nearly 30 of our own videos, people still think we’re a viral video company. We haven’t had a viral hit in a very long time, or thought we could build a business on viral videos. In fact, I’m not sure successful businesses can be sustained that way.”

Of course a business can be sustained this way. Why couldn’t it? There must be a lot of money in viral videos. Everybody wants to be number one and there are a lot of businesses and individuals out there willing to shell out the money for this to happen. How much would it have cost to make that plasma video? $800/$1000. For this relatively small amount of money they have boosted their sales and it will keep on boosting their sales until YouTube crumbles or removes the video.

Well, that’s it I suppose for my first blog. It was a bit of a “grind my gears”-athon but it was fun. Please leave a comment to let me know what your thoughts are on “cheating you way to the top”. Is this the new “sleeping your way to the top”?????


Ken Barlow